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Knoxville Child Photography


Meet the lovely Loy children that I had the pleasure of photographing! These two little ones sure did give me a run for my money, but the end result is so worth it. The weather was perfect and the Knoxville garden backdrop was beautiful. 

First Birthday Pictures

This sweet girl is turning one! We took some beautiful portraits of her to document her at this age. Her gorgeous red hair looked so adorable in the perfect lighting we had. I can't get over how cute her Knoxville child pictures are! Babies this beautiful start my baby fever! 

Of course, we also had to sneek in a sweet mommy-daughter picture <3

Knoxville Cake Smash

Next, we had some cake smash fun! Little miss was happy to dig right into her sweet icing and make a mess. I think we might have had just as much fun watching her. The faces she made were priceless!

Toddler Pictures

Sweet girl's brother took a bit longer to warm up, so his pictures waited until the end. Once he was ready, he was one of the most smiley, happy boys out there! He ran and played while I chased after to catch a few great pictures. We had a blast playing on my airplane prop!

Christmas Tree Pictures | Knoxville Photographer | Mylie and Lila

Knoxville Christmas Pictures


Sometimes you just find the perfect spot and have to do some pictures! Thankfully my littles are pretty awesome at spur-of-the-moment photo sessions while driving around Knoxville. When you find Christmas trees and beautiful light, you just can't say no. 

Christmas pictures are still in full swing, although we're on the cusp of it being too late. If you're hoping to use your pictures for gifts and Christmas cards, I recommend booking your session in October or early November next year so nothing's rushed or stressed ( Who needs more stress in their lives?). 

Tree Farm Children's Pictures

This little " tree farm" on the side of the road made me so excited to nab a few shots of my girls. I adore the results from our ten minutes there.  

My girls always cooperate better if a silly face picture is promised, and I'm alwasy happy to make it happen for them. 

Gatlinburg Photographer | Child Photography | Make-a-Wish Colten

Knoxville Child Photographer | Lumberjack Session


A few months back, I was contacted by the Make-A-Wish foundation after they found me searching family photographers in Gatlinburg TN to do a photography session for a very special little boy named Colten. Colten's wish was to be a lumberjack and where better to be a lumberjack than the Great Smoky Mountains! The Make-A-Wish Foundation made all the arrangements for Colten and his family to travel to Gatlinburg and make this dream come true.  They made sure he got to see the brand new Lumberjack Adventure show in Pigeon Forge, TN, supplied his lumberjack outfit, and even sent the family to enjoy Dollywood! 

Gatlinburg Photography in the Mountains

Colten was just a bit reluctant at first for these pictures, and unsure if he wanted to wear his super-adorable overalls, but once he warmed up, this little guy was a ham!!! He looked so proud of himself in these poses! I cannot even begin to tell you what a joy he was. We took the first few in just jeans until he was ready for those darling overalls. Chopping railroad ties must be a ton of fun!

Smoky Mountain Pictures

Everything perfectly aligned for these images, we had a slightly overcast day with beautiful lighting, which made the Smoky Mountain backdrop perfect!!! I couldn't ask for better conditions. Colten was the perfect model, in the perfect location to be a lumberjack. 



Pigeon Forge Family Photographer

At the end of the session, I had the honor to photograph Colten with his whole family who made the trip to Tennessee with him. I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am for the opportunity to provide these memories for this sweet little boy's beautiful family. As a Pigeon Forge photographer, I see a lot of families here on vacation and I adore being able to capture their trip, but this one is my very favorite <3. 


At the very end of the session, Colten gave me a hug and chatted away to me for a few minutes on the front steps of their cabin. I asked his mom to snap a picture for me on my cell phone. It might not be a great quality picture, but it's a wonderful memory.

Child Photographer | Knoxville Photography | Bren is Two!

Knoxville Photographer


Bren is two!!! I can hardly believe this little guy is already two years old! We moved back to Knoxville when this little guy was just 5 months old, so it hardly seems possible that so much time has gone by!

Knoxville Child Photography

Lately, I've been getting really into custom, themed children photography sessions for Knoxville. They are just too cute and so much fun! Let me tell you, the kiddos have a blast! The best part?? When the kids are having fun, we get amazing pictures, PLUS a fun memory. They can be anything they want and have a chance to dream big, and see their dream come to light. 

Airplane Children Pictures

We spent the evening turning Bren into an airplane pilot! He flew his little plane all over the place. He laughed, he cried ( totally how most toddler sessions go, lol!), and his awesome Daddy had to roll around in the grass and play fight to get some of these big smiles! The end results are 100% worth the 100 mosquito bites, and hour of acting like a fool for adorable smiles. 


Believe or not, there was a 10 minute meltdown prior to this picture, but then he Dad came to the rescue! When I tell you your toddler is normal when they don't want to take pictures, trust me!


Could anyone resist those grins?? There might have been some off-camera sword fighting with grass stems going on. 

These are just pure perfection and make me want to do these custom, super-fun sessions every day!

Dominic's Portraits | Knoxville Child Photographer

Knoxville Photographer


Meet Dominic! An absolutely spunky, fun-loving nine year old, who requested to have his picture taken in Knoxville with some awesome graffiti! Mr. Dominic wants to be a model, and boy is he good at it! Being a Knoxville child photographer, I've photographed hundreds of children, and he might have just been the easiest young man to work with!

This cool guy and me had a blast during his downtown Knoxville, Market Square, session.  He had so many great ideas, and knew just how to pose before I could even get the words out. I couldn't believe he was only nine!

Here's some favorites!

Rawlin's Five Year Old Portraits | Knoxville Child Photographer

Meet Rawlin! A spunky, energetic, full of life little boy! He's quite the character, and his favorite superhero happens to be The Flash. What better way to keep a little guy's attention than to let him dress up as his favorite superhero? 

We had tons of fun showing off in downtown Maryville while taking urban portraits. He ran around making everyone laugh by flying, and jumping all over the place. The results were fantastic! I couldn't ask for a better boy superhero. I adore his portraits; they're so much fun! 


Here's a few of my favorites: 

Superhero peeking

Richard's Spring Mini Session | Knoxville Child Photographer

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