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Children change and grow so quickly; which is why children's pictures are one of the most important portrait investments. With little ones changing so rapidly, baby pictures are a way to document their growth at every stage. Being able to look back at your children's photos and see how much they've changed in just a few months brings such joy to both you, and your child  when they're older. Alisha Bacon Photography offers baby photography in Knoxville, TN and has experience with children of all ages; From newborn and baby photography all the way to high school senior portraits as well as children with learning disabilities and autism. She is thrilled to be considered as your Knoxville photographer.

The first and second years is when children will have the most pictures taken. Knoxville Photographers suggest a photo session at five to ten days old (a Newborn Session), three months old, six months old, nine months old, and twelve months. This way you're able to have every stage of their first year preserved. In years to come, you'll be able to look back and see how much they changed in just twelve short months. If you'll be in the Knoxville area for the duration of your child's first year, check out the Tiny Tots special package on the Investment Page that includes sessions at three, six, nine, and twelve months at a special rate. 

Cake smash sessions are a very popular way to celebrate and document children's first birthdays. Little ones have so much fun digging into their cake and getting messy and you get to capture that fun moment for photo books. Generally when you book a cake smash, we do a shorter portrait package (so little ones don't lose interest) and start with some clean shots before letting them go to town smashing their cake and icing. There are tons of themes and photography ideas out there for cake smashes, feel free to look around!

After the first year, photos can be spaced apart more and still capture the changes in your child. One to two times a year is great for older children, up until their senior photos. Mini sessions are a great way to capture a few extra child portraits a year at an affordable rate. 

If your child has a special hobby that they enjoy or a beloved toy, please consider including that in their session. If your child is having fun during their photo session, they are likely to be more cooperative and give genuine smiles. Lifestyle sessions are great way to include fun elements into your child's sessions as well as keeping them in an environment that they are comfortable in. Alisha Bacon Photography is one of the few Knoxville photographers that offers sessions in your own home within 20 miles of Knoxville city center.