Pigeon Forge Photographer | Gatlinburg Family Reunion Photography | Cades Cove

Gatlinburg Photographer


The lovely Fourmans came to Gatlinburg to celebrate their parents anniversary! Their children thought it would be a wonderful time to have the whole family's pictures taken by a Smoky Mountain photographer and celebrate their parents love. 

We dedicated some time to just the parents to show off their love and adoration for each other. After all, they're the reason everyone else was there. It's an amazing experience to watch two people still in love after so many years. Aren't they the cutest?

My job may have long hours, and rough roads, but sessions like this make it so worth it.


Of course, when everyone is in Gatlinburg at the same time, we HAVE to get a great shot of the whole good lookin' gang!

During these family sessions, I love to grab different groupings. Who knows when your next opportunity for a beautiful, professional picture with you father or neices and nephews will happen. 


Of course, we also have to have some fun during our Smoky Mountain photography session! What better than "Dabbing" and silly faces to get some real grins out of kiddos!

Gatlinburg Photographer | Surprise Proposal in the Smoky Mountains | Engagement Photographer

Gatlinburg Surprise Proposal


A few months back, Aaron contacted while planning a Gatlinburg vacation for him and his beautiful girlfriend. He wanted this vacation to be ultra- special with a surprise proposal in the Smoky Mountains with amazing views. I was thrilled to help him plan a time and location that would make for perfect pictures of the big moment.

Taylor was lead to believe they were doing a regular ol' portrait session on vacation, with lots of fun couple's poses. 

Me and Aaron and had arranged a pose to be the signal for him to get down on one knee during their Gatlinburg photo session and ask the biggest question!

She immediately said yes, and they shared the sweetest moments celebrating their very new engagement in pictures. What an amazing memory! It was incredibly thoughtful of Aaron to think of documenting this moment, Taylor is a lucky gal!

Pigeon Forge Photographer | Family Photographers in Smoky Mountains | The Carter Family

Pigeon Forge Family Photographer


Last week was quite a week! We've recently had some big storms roll through the Smoky Mountains, and it's caused us to lose quite a few trees, and caused a ton of traffic issues. The sweet Carter family got stuck right in the middle of fallen trees and blocked roads, with me already out of service. Sadly, we missed out entire scheduled session due to them not being able to reach the location. 

Luckily, they were awesome and trusted me to find a great new location. Even if it meant keeping their youngest sweet boy up way past his bedtime on the day before the headed home to Ohio. I'm SO glad they did, the results were fantastic!

Smoky Mountain Family Pictures

The Carters told me they love candid, unposed pictures, so we went for a great mixture of fun pictures, with a few posed ones thrown in for variety. 


Smoky Mountain Children Portraits

If time allows, I love to grab some different groupings and individual pictures of little ones during a family session. Some of those small moments between parent and child are my favorites! A quick hug or kiss can make a stunning portrait. 

Newborn Photographer in Knoxville | Police Officer Baby | Wyatt's Session

Knoxville Newborn Photographer


I was so excited to meet sweet baby Wyatt! We did his Mommy's beautiful maternity pictures in Cade's Cove a few weeks ago, and I just knew he was going to be handsome, cherished little boy. He happened to be the very first baby to use my brand new Knoxville photography studio in Sequoyah Hills ( hopefully I'll have a post on that in the very near future). 

Little man did amazing through my posing and his wardrobe changes into all the darling little props. He was just a spicy during a few poses, but after he was wrapped, he was just perfect.

Police Officer Newborn Photos

Wyatt's Mom and Dad had some fabulous ideas they wanted to incorporate into their session to celebrate his Dad being a local police officer, and they turned out so sweet! We meshed some of our ideas together, and I couldn't be happier with the results, celebrating his Dad's career. I'm excited to share them with you guys!

Little man is already so proud of his Daddy! He gave the sweetest smile when we went to do this pose. 


Book your own Knoxville Newborn Session

Maternity Photography | Knoxville Photographer | Savannah

Knoxville Maternity Photographer

Meet Savannah! An absolutely gorgeous mom to be! This brave soul trusted me to lead her into one of current favorite location, a local grassy field, that is SO amazing right now with the wildflowers and blooming grass. The bugs were swarming, and the humidity high, but it was oh-so-worth it for these stunning Knoxville maternity pictures. 

Savannah mad great use of my rental maternity gowns, a complimentary service I offer to my clients and wore several of my beautiful dresses. Who wants to shop for an ill-fitting maternity outfit, when you can wear my custom ,comfy, designer gowns?

Her sweet baby is due over the summer, and highly anticipated. I know this beautiful Mama can't wait to meet her new addition. I hope they'll make their way to my Knoxville newborn studio for pictures!



Family Photographer in Knoxville | Knoxville Photographer | Grassy Field Session

Knoxville Family Photographer

Meet the Hull Five! This beautiful couple and their three stunning and beautifully behaved, children bravely handed over full creative control of their family picture session to me. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had. We played, romped through the tall Knoxville grass and laughed, and did just a wee bit of posing. Having fun during your session is a MUST. When everyone is more relaxed, it shines through your pictures. These guys had so many amazing ones, that I could hardly pick out just a few images for the blog. 

Fun Family Picture Poses

Fun family poses during your Knoxville photography session are just as important as those beautifully posed shots above your fireplace. They keep kids spirits up, and everyone interested and looking happy. I adore both types of pictures and tried to include both in the Hull's family session.

Knoxville family walks through grassy field towards photographer.

Knoxville family walks through grassy field towards photographer.

Mom laughs in family picture at secret from little girl. 

Mom laughs in family picture at secret from little girl. 

Knoxville photographer photographs family in field

Knoxville photographer photographs family in field

Whimsical family portrait laying in field of flowers. 

Whimsical family portrait laying in field of flowers. 

Parents swinging little girls during family pictures. 

Parents swinging little girls during family pictures. 

Family Photography

When booking family sessions, I encourage families to book at least an hour session, so we have time for some different groupings, and capturing sweet shots.  This first picture is one of my all time favorites. Those perfect pictures are sometimes the little in-between moments.  What a sweet, sweet little boy <3

Little boy give Mom wildflower bouquet during Knoxville family photogtaphy session.

Little boy give Mom wildflower bouquet during Knoxville family photogtaphy session.

Dad poses with his three kiddos in Maryville field of flowers. 

Dad poses with his three kiddos in Maryville field of flowers. 

Children's Portraits

I've never seen siblings love each other as much as these three! While I'm sure they have their moments at home, they did great in front of the camera, posing and playing together beautifully ( I'm not above a bit of bribery to ensure beautiful pictures *wink wink* and being able to hold my squeaky pig may have been promised).

Brother and sisters play Ring-Around-The-Rosie

Brother and sisters play Ring-Around-The-Rosie

Three siblings posing in grassy field. 

Three siblings posing in grassy field. 

Knoxville Newborn Photographer | Baby Studio | The Giles

Knoxville Photographer

Meet baby Bellamy! She's quite the little nugget who decided it was time to meet the world a few weeks early. We had a grand old time snuggling during her session to get those sweet, sweet newborn pictures while her her Mommy and Daddy had a few quiet minutes. 

Knoxville Newborn Studio

My bigger studio allows parents to grab a cup of coffee, kick up their feet, and relax while I take care of everything. Sweet babies are in great care during their session, and it allows parents to tick a few things off their to-do list, or just relax. 

Bellamy started off just a bit fussy, but quickly relaxed and gave us beautiful newborn pictures! She even threw us a smile! Her Mommy had requested a princess carriage set up for her little princess, and I'm happy to report that Bellamy rocked it!

Babies like her almost make me want another, but thankfully she gave me my fill of cuddles before heading home with her sweet parents. 

Check out just how gorgeous she is yourself!


Knoxville Maternity Photographer | The Cove Park | Maternity Dresses

Knoxville Photographer


Can I just take a moment to tell you how much I love repeat clients? Watching little ones grow up and families change is one of the biggest perks of my job. This beautiful family, I have had the pleasure of photographing for a year and a half. When Sarah told me she was pregnant, I was so excited for them, especially little Landon getting to be a big brother! Sarah's maternity session was magical, and Landon was such a patient, handsome little prince <3

*Super secret photographer tip* We did the must have toddler poses first, so little man could go play when his attention was used up. 

Landon looking so lovingly at baby sissy. 

Landon looking so lovingly at baby sissy. 

Knoxville Maternity Clothes

One of the biggest challenged my mama's have for their maternity session is what to wear! I really want you to feel beautiful for your maternity session, and I know struggling with maternity clothes in Knoxville ( with our tiny selection of stores) does not make that easy. I have ordered over 40 custom maternity gowns exclusively for my clients, so you can feel your very best. Sarah was so kind as to model a few extras for me during her session, so I could show them off to you all. 

Check out her session!

How To Find the Perfect Fit among Knoxville Photographers

Knoxville TN Photographer


Are you muddling through page after page of Google results looking for a Knoxville photographer? Stop right here, grab a cup of coffee, and let me help. 

Let me start by saying that you have a TON of choices when it comes to Knoxville Photographers. Whether you choose to use me, or another photographer, the perfect fit is out there. Think of your search kind of like the Cinderella glass slipper; it has to be perfect right?

1. Love your Knoxville Photographer's Style

Find a photographer whose images you adore. I cannot stress this enough. Before you book with me, I want you to love my work, and be SO excited to have your own family photographed.  A good professional photographer will have a defined style, and you should see similarities in style across their images. Style isn't something that is easily changed, so make sure you love what you see; your finished product will look similar. When it comes to style, you may not be able to put your finger on the differences, but you know YOU best, so choose the photographer whose images you can't stop looking at. 


2. Determine Your Budget and Save if Needed

Professional photographer are priced according to their skill level, and to cover professional overhead ( such as insurance, taxes, editing software, camera gear, etc). I know it might be sticker shock the first time you see a Knoxville photographer's packages ( I sure was sticker shocked years ago when I first started!). Don't settle! If budget is an issue, save for those pictures you really want. Many photographers offer payment plans as well, especially on time sensitive sessions like newborns. Personally, I'm happy to work with a client on budget to make their photography dreams a reality.

3. Contact Your Top Choice

Reach out to your favorite photographer. Feel free to ask questions, and let them know your thoughts on your shoot. I personally love to answer client questions and put their concerns to rest. I completely understand that you don't know the ins and outs of photography, and that's why you're hiring me. Photographers will have no problem answering your questions, chatting and planning your session with you. Once you're in contact, your photographer will guide you through the booking process. 

If you love my work, please feel free to reach out and chat with me. I will be happy to take some time to talk through your questions and concerns. 

Contact Your Knoxville Photographer





Knoxville Photographer | Family Photography | Sequoyah Park

The Dempsey's Family Session


I love, love, LOVE repeat clients like the Dempsey family! A little over a year ago, their sweet girl was still in mama's belly when I met them for a maternity session. What a difference a year can make! That sweet bump is now a sweet one year old baby girl full of smiles. Her and her brother must be in competition for the most smiley child, and I think it's a tie!

Knoxville Family Photographer

I really do love watching families grow and change and look forward to your yearly portraits. It's great to catch up and play with those smiling faces. I also find little ones take a lot less time to warm up during repeat sessions, especially if their old enough to have saved up a year of chit chat for me. Life is just grand from their perspective; it's always a great time!

We were able to cram quite a bit in to the Dempsey's mini session, and while the posed pictures are gorgeous, I just love their candids! It really shows who they are as a family, and their love for their children. 


I can only imagine what this beautiful family will be up to in another year; I can't wait to hear all about it. 


Book your own Knoxville Family Session

Knoxville Photographer | Maternity Session | Ashlee's Session

Knoxville Maternity Pictures 


The lake! What a great place for pictures as the weather warms up. If you're looking for water for your session, the location I took Ashlee is my top choice! It's got a cute little beach, groves of trees, and the beautiful lake. It's absolutely perfect, and right in Knoxville!

Ashlee is a beautiful first time mommy who came to me for a maternity session, with her Mom and sister in tow for moral support. We had a great time exploring what Knoxville's The Cove park had to offer; so many great spots for Knoxville maternity pictures with a natural feel!

Maternity Gowns for Rent in Knoxville

Ashlee modeled a few of my maternity gowns for me, and did so beautifully! This first one she wore is a fitted, lace pink maternity gown by Mii Estillo. 

Knoxville maternity session at The Cove with sailboats in the background.

Knoxville maternity session at The Cove with sailboats in the background.

Beautiful mama posing in front of the sale boats in pink maternity gown. 

Beautiful mama posing in front of the sale boats in pink maternity gown. 

Pregnant mama by white picket fence in beautiful fitted pink maternity gown

Pregnant mama by white picket fence in beautiful fitted pink maternity gown

Knoxville Beach Lake Maternity Pictures

Who knew Knoxville had a beach for pictures? We stumbled upon the prettiest little lakefront beach spot at the Cove. The sand was so pretty we just had to take a few pictures there with Ashlee in the Faythe dress, a beautiful, flowing chiffon maternity gown. 

Knoxville maternity picture on the beach at the Cove.

Knoxville maternity picture on the beach at the Cove.

Sunset maternity portrait in chiffon maternity gown.

Sunset maternity portrait in chiffon maternity gown.

Golden hour maternity session in Knoxville at the Cove. 

Golden hour maternity session in Knoxville at the Cove. 

Forest Maternity Session in Knoxville

Along with the water, the Cove has an amazing little forest of trees, that give a magical, fairytale look to any session. I love how the light filters through in my favorite spots; so gorgeous! It's a great backdrop for all kinds of sessions!

Wooded forest maternity picture in chiffon maternity gown. 

Wooded forest maternity picture in chiffon maternity gown. 

Knoxville mom posing in grove of trees for maternity picture

Knoxville mom posing in grove of trees for maternity picture

We ended our session right at sunset, for that perfect light that I love so much. Ashlee had time to throw on one more maternity gown, the Audrey, with just enough time to catch the last rays. 

Maternity picture in Knoxville with slim fit maternity gown. 

Maternity picture in Knoxville with slim fit maternity gown. 

4 Fun Things to do with Kids in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg Vacation Photographer


If you're anything like me, your kids having fun while you're enjoying your Gatlinburg vacation is one of your biggest worries. Kiddos having fun, means the parents can relax and enjoy themselves as well. We LOVE Gatlinburg and having frequent "Staycations" since we live so close by. Gatlinburg really does have something for everyone, hiking, arcades, yummy treats, shopping, and more. Here's some of my favorite kid-approved activities in the Smoky Mountains. 

1. Hiking in the Smoky Mountains

Of course hiking has to be at the top of the list in the smokies! There are trails to suit every taste and skill level. One of our favorites is the Look Rock trail off of the Foothills Parkway ( Worth a drive itself!). It's only about a 10 minute hike to the top, on a partially paved trail. It's easy enough that even our "in-doorsy" daughter tolerates it for the beautiful view. Once you make it to the very top, you can see for miles and miles of beautiful mountains. We just recently hiked up there, so I happen to have a picture of the view. 

Taken from the top of the Look Rock Tower. Well worth the 10 minute hike!

Taken from the top of the Look Rock Tower. Well worth the 10 minute hike!

2. The Gatlinburg Ripley's Aquarium

A MUST do if you're visiting the Smoky Mountains on vacation. It's seriously the coolest aquarium I've ever been to! A perfect rainy day activity if you should run into bad weather. There are so many interactive exhibits geared towards all age ranges; toddlers right on up through adults. We spend hours there when we go, especially in the shark tunnel and petting the manta rays. Oh! And the penguins; talk about adorable! There's so much to take in, and fun for the whole family. 

3. Walking the Strip

The main strip in Gatlinburg has so much to do and see. You'll find homemade fudge and candies that you can watch them make in front of you, arcades, and all kinds of fun shops to poke around. As a bonus, it's also full of Pokestops ( my kids are obsessed!), so they have something to keep them occupied during the "boring" stretches. Prepare to spend a good hunk of your day walking, browsing, and maybe grabbing some Ben and Jerry's ice cream cones. 


4. Drive the Cades Cove Loop

The title is a bit mis-leading. For the kids to really enjoy it, I recommend you set aside several hours for Cades Cove. Enjoy the drive, but stop to explore. Sparks lane has a great little area where you can park your car, stretch your legs, and take in the nature. We frequently find tadpoles, and other critters in the creeks that make my girls giggle, enjoy the mountain views, and if we're lucky, maybe even a deer or two will let us get a good look. Finding all the critters is like Where's Waldo! It's a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon for free. It's also one of my favorite spots to photograph, if you need family pictures while you visit!

The view from Sparks Lane in Cades Cove.

The view from Sparks Lane in Cades Cove.


I hope you guys enjoy your stay, and if you need more ideas, feel free to reach out. These are just some highlights; there's so much more to do. 



Gatlinburg Photographers | Cades Cove Maternity Session | Lexi

Gatlinburg Maternity Photographer


This Mama-To-Be had a beautiful (although cold!) Maternity session in Cades Cove. It's one of my very favorite places on earth, so I'm always super excited when I get to photograph there! It has so much to offer from the creek, to mountain views, and forest, just endless possibilities. It's really the perfect spot for those looking for a vacation photographer in Gatlinburg to capture all the Tennessee beauty. 

Lexi did an amazing job combating the chilly day for beautiful maternity pictures in Gatlinburg. Her family is expecting two adorable new little ones in the next few weeks, to make them a lovely family of 6. 

Maternity Gown Rental

Lexi wore two of my rental maternity gowns that come free with your maternity session. This first one is the Aurora in Lilac by Leah Marie Couture. It's beautifully soft and feminie and can be worn sheer, or with a slip for full coverage.

Gatlinburg photographer photographs maternity in purple gown.

Gatlinburg photographer photographs maternity in purple gown.

Beautiful view in Cades Cove for maternity session in rental purple tulle gown.

Beautiful view in Cades Cove for maternity session in rental purple tulle gown.

Pregnant belly bump in purple tulle gown

Pregnant belly bump in purple tulle gown

Green Maternity Gown

The second dress Lexi wore was my sage Jamie gown by Sew Trendy. It showed off her perfect bump beautifully! I just love how it looked for her session. 

Family poses in Cades Cove for family pictures.

Family poses in Cades Cove for family pictures.

Mom-to-be poses on mossy log in Gatlinburg for maternity pictures. 

Mom-to-be poses on mossy log in Gatlinburg for maternity pictures. 

Aren't they just the cutest family with a beautiful Mama?



Gatlinburg Photographer | Smoky Mountain Maternity | Kendra's Session

Gatlinburg Maternity Pictures


Meet Kendra! Her and her hubby met me at a beautiful Smoky Mountain location for their maternity session. The river and rock faces made amazing backdrops for her beautiful maternity pictures. I am so fortunate to live close enough to photograph in the mountains and rivers of East Tennessee. 

She wore one of my maternity gowns, the Kiara is wine. It is available to rent for your very own session, absolutely free when you book with me. That red is SO her color, she was STUNNING in it. I adore all of the images from her session. 

I cannot wait to meet their beautiful baby in just a few weeks! Sweet babies are my favorite!

Maternity in rocky river

5 Super Easy Steps to Schedule a Gatlinburg Photographer | Alisha Bacon Photography

Gatlinburg and Smoky Mountain Vacation Photographer

Gatlinburg and Smoky Mountain vacations are magical. Whether you're getting away with your immediate family, or have the pleasure of getting the whole gang together for a family reunion, take advantage of your time here with beautiful family portraits in the mountains or meadows. 

Step 1. Start Planning Early

Gatlinburg photographers stay busy in the "tourist season", which runs Spring through late Fall. As soon as you have your dates pinned down, I recommend reserving your photographer. Personally, I love to help my clients choose a date early during their trip, to give us a bit of wiggle room if we need to re-schedule for any reason. 

Step 2. Choose the Right Photographer for You

When looking for a photographer, look for someone whose work you love, who is licensed to shoot in the National Park ( if you want mountain images) , and that fits your budget and needs. Check their packages and fees; every photographer has a different business model, some include only prints, and some digital images.

Step 3. Contact Your Photographer

Reach out to your favorite photographer and see if they're availability matches up with the time you're in town. From there, they can help you plan your perfect session. From location: Do you want downtown Gatlinburg, the mountains, or maybe in one of the beautiful rivers? To best time of day for lighting and working with your family's schedule. I even offer wardrobe consultation  and planning to help you look your very best. 

Step 4. Get Booked

To secure your slot, most photographers require a contract and retainer to hold your date. This will ensure the date and time you chose will be there waiting for you on vacation, so you don't have to give it a second thought.

Step 5. Have Fun and Take Gorgeous Pictures!

On the day of your session, your Gatlinburg Photographer will direct you into flattering poses and encourage you to have fun with your spouse or little ones. Relax and have a great time! During my sessions, I love to do a mix of posed and candid pictures that show fun and love from your trip. 



Knoxville Photographer | Maternity Pictures | Urban Tennessee River

Knoxville Maternity Pictures


Meet Brittany. A soon to be mommy of two! Isn't she absolutely radiant? I just love everything about her Knoxville maternity session.

We planned for golden hour at Volunteer Landing, right by the river. It's an adorable little urban park, that I just love for sessions. It was the perfect spot for Brittany's maternity pictures before her family moves out of the area; a great memento of Knoxville. I had a great time getting to know her and her family.

She wore both my Emma sequin maternity angown, and my Poppy gown with tossing train. Both are available for rent for your very own maternity session. Rental is absolutely free when you book your session with me. You deserve to feel gorgeous for your maternity pictures <3. 

This first one is the Emma, it looked fabulous on Brittany!


Next, she wore the strapless Poppy gown. That blue, paired with the water and the birdges in the background... I just LOVE it!

Knoxville Maternity Pictures | Military Couple in Maternity Gown | Michaela's Maternity Session

Maryville Photographer | Maryville College Campus


I had the opportunity to work with this super sweet couple for their maternity pictures! The timing was perfect as they just celebrated Army AIT graduation, so his dress blues were ready to go. We lucked out with a nice, warm February day in the sixties, which was fantastic. Maryville College campus provided us with gorgeous backgrounds, despite it being winter. 

My husband is a veteran, so it's always such a wonderful thing for me to be able to work with soldiers and their families. Plus, the uniform sure looks spiffy in pictures!

Free Maternity Gown Rental 

Finding something to wear for maternity pictures is hard! Not all maternity close are super cute and photogenic, so I'm now offering maternity gowns!

Michaela wore a few of my favorite gowns from my maternity gown collection, both the Aubrey and Harlow gowns by Sew Trendy ( my absolute favorite gown designer!). This HUGE collection ( over 30!) is available to rent for my maternity clients, absolutely free with your session. They're made to perfectly show off your bump while being super flattering for the expectant mama. 

Pink Ruffled Maternity Gown

This is the Harlow gown, a ruffled pink gown fit for a princess. Michaela wore it so well, and I think it fit her personality perfectly <3. Every mama deserves to feel like a princess, it's hard work growing a tiny human. 


Red Slim-fit Maternity Gown

Best Place To Eat in Pigeon Forge | Amazing Burger | The Local Goat

Local Restaurants | Pigeon Forge


Need a great place to eat in Pigeon Forge? Run, don't walk to The Local Goat. It's a fabulous place that just opened last year that I just had the pleasure to experience. My husband and I drove past it a few weeks ago, and the name intrigued me enough to look it up. The menu won me over on their website, so we made a point to check it out.

The service was absolutely wonderful and the food was amazing. 

We started with their Deep Fried Deviled Eggs. While it sounds crazy, I would make the hour drive from my house up there to eat those every day of my life. So. Darn. 


The burgers were just what a burger should be. Perfectly cooked, well-seasoned, and served with tasty fries and housemade ketchup. I'm a super picky burger eater, and I wouldn't change a thing. 

This is the best local place I've eaten at in Pigeon Forge. Five stars from me for sure!





Maternity Pictures | Knoxville photographer | Ashley's and Nathan

Knoxville Urban Maternity Session

I'm so thrilled to share Ashley and Nathan's downtown Knoxville maternity session with you all! Ashley looked AMAZING in the maternity gowns she wore so well by Sew Trendy Accessories. These two were fabulous and so easy to work with, and just great together. Trust me, you'll see their chemistry in some of my favorite images. 

We spent the evening wandering through downtown in the 40 degree weather ( although you wouldn't know it looking at Ashley's pictures; she was a trooper!). There are so great urban spots in Knoxville to choose from. 

Maternity Gowns

Ashley wore two of the gorgeous maternity gowns available to my clients for their maternity sessions, both the Samantha and Celine gowns from Sew Trendy. They accentuated her natural beauty and showed off her bump perfectly. 

These might just be on my all-time favorite picture list; they're so incredibly beautiful. 


Knoxville Mom's 4 tips to stay Healthy and Happy

Knoxville School Closures


If you're a busy mom like me, the Knoxville school closures announcement throws you into a bit of a frenzy! I am so glad the little ones who are ill will be able to get some R&R and the schools can sanitize. It also means little germs are running rampant in Knoxville ( I'm a teensy bit of a germaphobe). Seriously, as a busy mommy with two kids, that runs a business from home, I don't have time for my little's to bring home the flu from school. Plus, I work with pregnant mommies, and teensy newborn babies, which I absolutely don't want to expose to anything.  We have a few things we do to help prevent illness and save my sanity. 

 Seriously, as a busy mommy with two kids, that runs a business from home, I don't have time for my little's to bring home the flu from school. Plus, I work with pregnant mommies, and teensy newborn babies, which I absolutely don't want to expose to anything. We have a few things we do to help prevent illness and save my sanity. 

Stay Healthy Knoxville

1. Hand Washing

I know, this one should be a no-brainer, but if you have kids, you know the struggle! I'm constantly on my kids to wash their hands as soon as they get home from school, and regularly throughout the afternoon. 

2. Vitamin C

We started taking vitamin C every day about a year ago ( before that I was bad about remembering!). The kids get chewables and take 500-1000MG a day. In the last year, the sweet kiddos have hardly been sick! A great improvement from the previous year where it was almost once a month. 

3. Elderberry Syrup

I just found elderberry syrup this year, and let me tell you, I'm so glad I did! You can buy it in the store, or make your own ( my top choice because I know exactly what goes into it, and can use local honey for the allergy benefits!). It tastes great, and the kiddos just have to take a teaspoon a  day for prevention, or a teaspoon every 3-4 hours for treatment of cold or flu. I use this recipe https://wellnessmama.com/1888/elderberry-syrup/

Day 20.jpg

4. Stay Away from Germ Factories ( AKA children's Play Places)

Seriously, in cold and flu season, we stay far, far away from Chuck E Cheese, Jump Jam, etc. With Knoxville schools being out, I've even seen some of these places advertising to bring the kids over. I totally understand needing to get well children out of the house, but all it takes is one sick child to go and ruin it for everyone. Personally, I keep the kiddos entertained with crafts and such instead. They're just as happy, and we can keep exposure down to a minimum. 

Day 39wm.jpg


I hope these help you busy moms keep the littles well!