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What to wear for Gatlinburg family pictures? Such a simple question right? Yeah, it's not for me either. This is a HUGE stress on so many of my clients, and even myself when I get ready for family pictures. I don't know about you, but I really don't welcome additional stress in my life.

What Colors to Wear for Gatlinburg Photography Sessions

A big hurdle is color scheme; it can be tough! Pulling everyone together while being worried about looking like a box of the reject crayon colors. I personally love really classic, timeless looks and adore neutrals like cream or grey being the main focus, or heavily incorporated. Chambray and denim are also great for casual looks. Don't be scared of a bit of pattern, but keep it fairly subtle. Not everyone has to exactly match, mixing in colors, layers, and those simple patterns create a beautiful texture and look for your Gatlinburg family pictures. I've made some swatches with some of my favorite color combos that photograph beautifully.


What to wear for family pictures
What to wear for family pictures
What to wear for family pictures
What to wear for family pictures
What to wear for family pictures
What to wear for family pictures
What to wear for family pictures

These are a few of my favorite schemes, especially for big groups. There are hundreds of beautiful combinations though, and so much more I would include if I had space. 


How To Plan your Pigeon Forge Photo Shoot Wardrobe

When you start planning, I suggest starting with Mama ( or the women in the case of extended families with several Mamas to please). The old saying, " If Mama ain't happy, nobody is happy" does have some truth to it.

Mom, you're most likely in charge of planning your family pictures in Gatlinburg, and the wardrobe is totally up to you. Once you've picked your color scheme, focus on finding flattering pieces for yourself. If you have any areas that aren't your favorites, really work to camouflage those. It can be as simple as wearing a light jacket, or lacy cardigan to cover your arms, or a flowy top, layered with light jacket, or high waisted flowy skirt to hide a tummy. These little tricks will make you feel SO much better about how you look. 

Now that you've found an outfit you adore, fit everyone else's in.  Layers are GREAT, jackets, kimonos, cardigans, half-zips for the guys: all of these create really great texture and interest to add to your photos. Notice in the net picture, the slight texture the Dad's shirt, the embroidery detail on the sweet girl's tops, and how the denim jacket really pulls this beautiful Mama together. 


This fabulous family looks amazing! The Mom chose a beautiful figure-flattering dress, and used light patterns and different maternials to create texture and interest in theor outfits. 


A fabulous example of neutrals with a tiny pop of color! So classic and timeless for your walls. 


This dark khaki, taupe, and grey combo is one of my favorites for Gatlinburg Photographer sessions!


Here's how to do bright colors! Throw in a few neutrals, and make sure everyone ties together, for a great look for your family. 


If you follow these few simple tips, I promise you all will look magazine worthy and feel great!