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Oh, the Wedoff’s Gatlinburg photography session has to be one of my very favorites. This beautiful Mama is also a photographer in her hometown and trusted and loved ME enough to do her own family pictures. Let me tell you, it is always an honor to photograph other photographers, but also a bit nerve wracking; they chose YOU to photograph their very own family when they know the ins and outs of photography.


While they were vacationing in Gatlinburg TN, we set up a session in my very, very favorite place on earth: Cades Cove. It’s so perfect for family pictures! It’s a bit of a drive, but can you really beat 360 degree mountain views without a hike??? I think not!

Candid family pictures are always a hit ( and SUPER hard to take by yourself on a tripod), so we did a focus a bit more on fun and lifestyle type images during their session. We played a lot of games, and laughed, and just had a great time. I was seriously sad when their session was over, because their three girls, were such fun! They smiles, and giggled, and were just a blast! The precious youngest girl even told her mom the portrait session was her favorite part of the trip; if that doesn’t make me feel like I did my job 100%, I don’t know what would.


Seriously; I love my job and couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my evenings than with amazing, loving families who invite me to join them for a fun trip to the Smoky Mountains <3.


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Hi everyone!!!

I am truly a Gatlinburg photographer who cares, and loves the families that come to visit. I’m not some chain, or some photographer hired by a big company to show up and snap photos of their session. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for visiting my page and supporting my art. It’s incredible to be able to provide families with memories and good times while they vacation in Gatlinburg TN! I adore photographing Gatlinburg family reunions and getting to know all 40 of your attending members just as much as I love the little families of three with so much love for each other.

You should know that I am a homegrown photographer, born and raised in the Smoky Mountains. I have so much love for this area in my heart, and I love sharing it with you all. Of course, being raised here, I’m incredibly knowledgeable on locations, weather, when the leaves change, and any other info you could possibly want to know. I love what I do and where I live and spend my spare time exploring the beauty and photographing Gatlinburg.


When you book with this Gatlinburg Photographer, you are getting ME. From your initial contact, to answering questions about your gallery. You are’t passed through some office in Florida. You’re talking right to me here in the Smoky Mountains. You get to know me, friend me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram. I don’t work like some chain companies who send a random photographer you don’t even know the name of to your session.

I’ve worked with a family whose Grandfather was battling Alzheimers. They surprised their Grandma by wearing all purple at the end of their session in support. I hugged that grandmother as she cried tears of joy and I can’t imagine not knowing that story and just showing up to take pictures.


Another family had a Grandfather suffering from end-stage cancer. They traveled here knowing it would be their last extended family picture and last chance to soak up that man’s company. They laughed so much, and I got to join in. I had the honor of capturing these portraits. After the session, I was informed he passed away merely days later.


When the Gatlinburg fires hit in November of 2016, I stayed up most of the night and watched in horror. Me and my girls watched as the fires closed in on Dollywood, Ripley’s Aquarium, and other wonderful places, landmarks, and cabins. Literally watched with tears in my eyes because this is home for me. no matter wha. This was home. I still drive by this mountain several times a week and see the brown strip of dead trees years later.


As a photographer, I capture portraits, but I love to make my clients happy, and laugh with them, and cry with them on occasion. It’s truly a personal experience when you book me.