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Knoxville Child Photographer


Oh what fun these pictures were of my own sweet girls! My Knoxville lemonade stand made the perfect setting for my girls to have a little fun in a sweet set-up. They loved it! Pictures are much more fun when you get to play Lemonade Stand. My girls can be next to impossible to take pictures of, so them enjoying themselves was a major nod of approval!


Knoxville Sister Pictures

Fun sister pictures are the best! I love watching my girls have fun together, while making beautiful pictures for my walls. The two of them together in the lemonade stand are my favorites! These girls were so great together; I couldn't ask for better!


Child and Tween Pictures

Now that I have a school aged child and a tween, pictures are so important! I love that they get to dress up and feel beautiful and special, especially when they see their portraits on the living room wall. As much as they dislike sitting still for pictures, they ADORE the results. 


I can't wait to use this set-up again! They were just darling.