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What to wear??? That's the question on everyone's mind when they book a Knoxville maternity session. Wardrobe can make a break your session, and while you're expecting, wardrobe can be even more of a challenge. I remember when I was pregnant, finding clothes I liked, that fit was a struggle, let alone maternity clothes that fit well enough for my maternity pictures. There's tons of beautiful maternity gown designers, like Sew Trendy, but they can get pricey for just one wear, especially if you want a few different styles.

I saw this dilemma firsthand and watched a lot my maternity clients struggle to feel amazing in their outfits, so I did something; I created my client closet.

I currently have over 50 maternity gowns in a range of sizes and styles for you to rent, at no cost, for your maternity session. I've curated these to have amazing options that photograph beautifully. I'm so excited to be able to offer these gowns to make your maternity experience that much better. What Mama doesn't want to feel like a princess for at least a day?

Some of my favorite maternity gown images!

Maternity by marble columns

First Birthday Pictures | Knoxville Photographers | Child Photographer | Ziva

Knoxville First Birthday Pictures


Meet Ziva, a very spunky, and smiley baby girl who just turned one! Sweet girl kept us on our toes during her first birthday photo session in Knoxville; I loved it! Her Mommy and Daddy were great at getting smiles, and such good sports about being silly to get those precious smiles. 

Rustic Barn Backdrop

For our first stop, we used a rustic, barn type of building for a lovely backdrop. Of course it was nothing in comparison to this little girl's smile! She's such a little star. 

Knoxville Flower Garden

The beautiful gardens in Knoxville are the perfect spot for photos! Miss Ziva loved touching the flowers and feeling the grass. The greenery and flowers were a great addition to her first birthday photos. 

Fairytale Knoxville Location

The last spot we used for Ziva's pictures looks like something right our of a fairytale! The mossy steps and trailing ivy just screams storybook to me. It's perfect for all types of sessions, and I love the magic it added to this cuties images. 

Newborn Pictures | Knoxville Photographers | Lily

Maryville Newborn Photographer


Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing sweet Miss Lily and family! Her awesome Mom contacted me a few weeks ago to schedule a Fresh 48 session in the hospital and her newborn session. I noticed something funny when I glanced over her paperwork for the session. As you may already know, I have two little girls, Lila who is 8, and Mylie who is 6. When I looked at her questionnaire, I thought I MUST be mis-reading! The names and ages listed were Lylah- 8 and Mylee- 6. What are the odds of having little girls with the same names, and the same ages and both live in little Maryville? I have to say, it made it easy to remember their names!

Newborn with Sisters

These girls did GREAT for their picture, I'm so excited to share! They had to endure a lot of holding still while I got everything perfect, but I think the end result is well worth it. 

Harry Potter Newborn Nursery

Miss Lily has a fabulous Harry Potter themed nursery, and her whole family is full of huge fans. I can't tell you how many times I've read the books, and watched the movies, so I fit right in. Sadly, I haven't ordered any Harry Potter specific props yet (that'll be changing ASAP!), but I did have an awesome owl bonnet in honor of Headwig and used a gorgous mustard color for Gryffendor! 

Newborn Pictures

The last few pictures I have to share are some assorted favorites from the session on the beanbag. Lily was a champ once she fell asleep; her pictures are amazing!

This last one, is one of my favorites. I love what I was able to do with this image. It turned out simply beautiful. I hope Lily's Mom loves it as much as I do!

Maternity Pictures | Knoxville Photographers | MaryEllen

Knoxville Maternity Photographer

On Mother's Day, I had the opportunity to meet the lovely MaryEllen, who is expecting her first sweet baby, a girl, next month. I had an idea for some beautiful maternity pictures, and this adventurous mom-to-be helped me make it happen! 

Mountain Maternity Pictures

I ADORE the mountains, and I was so excited to do a session with such a stunning backdrop. We met at spot not too far out of the city, with an amazing view, and beautiful cliffs. This place is breathtaking!! I could spend all day there just taking in the view. 

This view, plus a sunset was perfection! I don't think you can take a more beautiful maternity picture in Knoxville!

The mountains compliment her beautiful, pregnant glow so well. 

Rustic Maternity Portrait

When I think of the Smoky Mountains, I think of rustic. I knew going in I wanted a rustic maternity portrait in black and white as one of the final products from this session. I love the velvety look of the mountains in black and white and the twisted pine. It's just perfect!

I had so much fun with this session, and meeting MaryEllen. What a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day!

Family Photos | Knoxville Photographers | The Manuels

Knoxville Family Photos

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the beautiful Manuel family a couple of weeks ago. This sweet family was visiting their hometown all the way from Texas! I'm so glad they squeezed in time for some family pictures in Knoxville TN. It's such a beautiful place, and I know they'll love taking these memories back with them. 

Child Portraits

This little girl is the SWEETEST! She just played, and hammed it up for my camera. Seriously, what a doll! I had a great time chasing her around and capturing the most beautiful posed and candid pictures. 


How could anyone not just adore that face?? She did a fabulous job looking amazing for her portraits. 

At the end of our session, she brought me so many flowers, running back and forth between me and the field. It doesn't get much better than that <3

Family Portraits

We spent the other portion of our session on family pictures. I wanted to capture some beautiful images of this family of three together. Their busy schedules made it hard for them to carve out time for family portraits, and this was the perfect opportunity to get everyone together. 

Family Of three

I knew it would be a great session when this was the very first picture I took during their session. They are such ahappy bunch. 

The in-between picture moments are sometimes the best. I love the sweet moments between parents and their beautiful babies. 



I have one of the best jobs, spending time with families like these. I can't think of a better way to spend my evening. 

Lifestyle Newborn Photos | Knoxville Photographers | Amelia

Knoxville Newborn Baby Photographer


Little miss Amelia's Mom contacted me a few weeks ago to take some beautiful newborn pictures of her beautiful 6 week old daughter. At 6 weeks, she was a bit too old for typical newborn portraits. but that didn't mean we couldn't get amazing baby and family pictures! We opted for a lifestyle session to make the most out of their package. 

What are "Lifestyle Sessions" in Knoxville?

Lifestyle sessions are a style of professional photography that focuses on you being you. These pictures are more natural or candid and take place in your home, or another place that's special for your family, such as a local park with lots of memories. Older newborns make for GREAT Knoxville lifestyle photography. It's a great opportunity for their parents to snuggle their baby close, and preserve those sweet moments. 


Newborn Pictures in the Nursery

We started out Amelia's session in her pretty, pink nursery. It was the perfect backdrop to grab some great, relaxed photos of her with her Mom and Dad. Her Mom has such great decorating taste, which made the family pictures all  the better!


Who can resist such a sweet Mommy and baby moment???

Who can resist such a sweet Mommy and baby moment???

Six Week Old Pictures

Next, we did a few pictures of baby Amelia, and guess what? She even smiled!!! I brought a few headbands, wraps, and props to enhance miss Amelia's beauty in her six week pictures alone. She rocked them!

Family Pictures On Their Bed

At the end of the session, we moved to their lovely master bedroom, and took a few lifestyle family pictures on their bed. This is one of my favorite things to do in  lifestyle session! I love the togetherness, and cozy feeling of these pictures. This session was no exception! It's so sweet to watch new moms and dads with their new addition in a comfy setting. 

Bates Family Portrait Session | Knoxville Family Photographer

Knoxville Photographer


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Bate Family. This beautiful family of eight came to me to celebrate three new additions to their family with family portraits. They are the sweetest bunch! The little ones were a bit shy at first, but as the session went on, the sweet little ones came out of their shell and were the cutest little things with such personalities!

We went to one of my favorite locations for pictures in Knoxville: The Botanical Gardens. They are so pretty and versatile! I can never get enough of shooting there.

Here's some of my favorites:

Family of Eight