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Just before Christmas, sweet, baby Maximus came to the studio! He was one of the sweetest, most snuggly babies ever! Snugglies the wee babies is the highlight of my week. 


Naked Baby Newborn Pictures

There's just something so wonderful about the classic " naked baby" newborn pictures. It allows you to see all their little rolls and features so perfectly; they'll always be some of my favorites. As always, we used wraps and posing to keep little man modest, while still showcasing how tiny and perfect he is. 

Newborn Prop Pictures

Props are addictive! Especially the really fun, themed ones. I love to grow my collection for parents to choose from whenever I can. Maximus' Mommy chose some adorable ones for their session; I'm so excited to share!


Family and Newborn Picture

A portrait with your brand new baby is so special, and this family nailed it! They posed so naturally with their new baby, it was beautiful. I absolutely adore this one of the three of them together.