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Pigeon Forge Photographer Surprise Proposal

Proposals! One of my absolute favorite things! Getting to watch a love story unfold in the Smoky Mountains? It’s a bit like an interactive Hallmark movie; and this one? I got to help design.

Bobby contacted me looking for a photographer, and help designing his perfect proposal to his gorgeous girlfriend in the middle of the Smoky Mountain National Park. Come on… what’s better than a Smoky Mountain proposal??? A few emails back and forth to get THE perfect location, The perfect time, and of course, THE perfect accessories. I’m so grateful that he trusted me to design a space, complete with pillows, blankets, and candles for his perfect moment to unfold. I had SUCH fun!!! Shopping to make someone’s proposal once in a lifetime; it just doesn’t get better.

I’m pretty fond of how the set up turned out <3 <3 <3


This man had a plan!!! He created a secret photo book of memories to share together on the blanket, and wanted me to be well hidden until the perfect time. Psssssst!!! Men, take note! If you want to the perfect Gatlinburg proposal, follow his lead.

Staying hidden posed a challenge at this spot, but I managed to hide in a ditch so that this was truly a surprise Smoky Mountain proposal. At one point, I thought all was lost, when Bobby accidentally parked his car between me and the set up. Slight freak out moment on my part; this needed to be PERFECT! But army crawling up the ditch is not outside my job description when proposals are involved! I crawled up the ditch further every-time a car passed to hide me and any noise I made until I made it to where they were visible.


Let me tell you!!!! It was perfection!!! We made an amazing team, and I am so proud to be apart of such a memorable moment in their lives. Congrats to this beautiful couple on your Smoky Mountain Engagement!!!

The Moment she noticed me!

The Moment she noticed me!