The Best Gatlinburg Souvenir is Family Pictures | PIgeon Forge and Gatlinburg Photographer

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This past week, a sweet client told me that the best souvenir they could think of from their Gatlinburg vacation was family pictures. She really couldn't be more right. I couldn't tell you what little trinkets that we've brought back from different vacations are still around. We've purchased t-shirts that soon have holes, magnets that fall of the fridge and get kicked around, jewelry for our girls that breaks within a few days, etc. 

On our vacation to California, I took along my tripod, and we took family pictures to document our kiddos first time on the beach. You know what? That family picture is still the largest canvas on my wall, that I walk by every single day. Four years later, and it's a beautiful memento of our trip, and my favorite family photo to date ( and trust me, we take a TON of family photos).


On your next Gatlinburg vacation, consider having family pictures taken while you're in town. The mountains surround you with natural beauty and make an amazing backdrop. I can promise you, those images will mean so much more than a whole trunk full of trinkets. Invest in your happy memories at this stage of your life.